At ADROIT ADVISORY every employee is part of one “BIG FAMILY”, determined to prosper and grow with the company. Every member of the family is empowered with freedom to achieve their aspirations and maximize their true potential. YOU write the growth story as its YOUR OWN. Therefore we need smart, innovative thinkers who aspire to incredible things and value teamwork. The learning curve is exponential and the work is exhilarating.

Working for Adroit Advisory is not just about securing employment. Its also about personal enhancement. Most other companies provide you the opportunity to build a career. Here at Adroit Advisory we offer a career as well as the opportunity to partake in its success.

As a young organization we are at the threshold of expanding aggressively. So come join us if you think you have the fire in your belly to build an organization.

Adroit Advisory's Work Culture

Fast paced with ample opportunities to learn and challenge oneself – that is how our employees describe the work culture at We believe that innovation, collaboration and the willingness to go that extra mile are the qualities of a star performer. We go to great lengths to help our employees attain the requisite skills sets to become star performers

We find that the people that join us find their way around in a very short span of time. The reason for that, we believe in keeping things as simple as possible.

We also believe in diversity. By diversity we are not referring to people from varied cultures who speak different languages alone. We also mean people with diverse perspectives and skill sets. We believe in giving everyone an opportunity and it has worked wonders for us so far.

Our Learning and Development initiatives are tailored to provide employees with the domain expertise required along with the mindset to succeed. Training is an integral part of work at We see Training of our staff as an investment in the future.

We also have a Rewards and Recognition Program that rivals the best in the industry. We have seen employees earn more than their managers and we actively promote such achievements in the hopes to inspire more people.

Finally AdroitAdvisory is an organization that takes transparency and open communication very seriously. We believe that having open, transparent and frequent communication with employees helps foster trust. This in turn helps build employee loyalty. With this in mind we empower our employees to share their ideas, concerns and feedback on a regular basis.

We are a young organization but we have made tremendous progress in a short span of time. This is a testimonial to the work culture we have at AdroitAdvisory .

What are we looking for?

Everyone needs a job to make ends meet, which is why we find a lot of people joining organizations and doing jobs they do not enjoy. They force themselves to do work that they either are not good at or have no interest in. In the process they burn themselves and harm the organization.

As an organization Adroit Advisory is at the threshold of great success. We have been growing at break neck pace and expect this trend to continue for a long time. Therefore we are looking for people who are keen on building an organization. We are not interested in people that just want a job. We are looking for people that can help this organization grow. We are looking for people that can own their respective roles/departments and take full responsibility for its performance.

We are looking for people who have the fire in their belly and the ambition to see an organization go from being a start up to being a multinational company. Someone who, unlike others, treats a "problem" as a "challenge" and see's it through to success.

In short we are looking for winners who are in it for the long term.